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Gran Turismo 6

  • PS3
  • Out 06.12.13
  • Genre Driving
  • Publisher SCEE
  • Developer Polyphony Digital
Game characters

The story

Drive everything

Buckle up for a driving experience that changes everything. Grab the keys to over 1,200 cars, from historic classics to the latest dream machines from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Personalise your tracks, create your own then go online to connect with friends, leagues and tournaments, and discover a world of driving you didn’t know existed. The globe is your racetrack – start your engines…

"Gran Turismo 6, which will be launched this winter, has taken the game's graphics to new levels of realism”. Telegraph
“Gran Turismo 6's photorealistic graphics make it almost impossible to determine what's real and what's virtual” Daily Mail
“On the track, the changes are even more dramatic. The weight balancing and dynamics of the cars feels more accurate than before, with the use of improved suspension modelling and tyre interaction” Eurogamer

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special edition
  • GT6 Standard Edition

  • GT6 speeds into shops on 06/12/13. You can drive Gran Turismo® 6 home on 06/12/13. Pre-order now to get ahead of the crowd and grab some special GT bonus items – starting with the glossy Precision Pack which comes with every pre-order.

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  • special edition

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    Five Gran Turismo Racing Pods plus a car-load of GT6 goodies are up for grabs.

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    Gran Turismo 6 is speeding onto PS3 sooner than you think.

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    Ayrton's wish

    Watch Gran Turismo tribute to Ayrton Senna